Penguin Prison // Arcade44 Original Video

It’s a simple message for complicated times: “Don’t Fuck With My Money.” Arcade44 caught up with Chris Glover aka Penguin Prison on the day that his self-titled album dropped, just after filming his music video at one of the biggest marches to date by the Occupy Wall Street movement, from Zuccotti Park to Times Square.

“I was just inspired and wanted to lend my contribution,” explains PP, surprisingly laidback on an evening at the center of so much action. It’s all in a day’s work for the NYC native, who invited us along to his performance at Dominion Theatre, where we caught “The Worse it Gets,” delivered to a riotous subterranean crowd. We even snuck in some record hunting at In Living Stereo, all while PP shared some insights into how he brings his music to life… and you won’t believe the inspiration behind his name!

—Angela Cravens