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We met up with the boys from Oberhofer on the roof deck of the W Hotel in downtown Austin. The late-afternoon sun had just started to make its way back out and the band was definitely ready to take a few moments to relax. Interviews this fun can be few and far between, but as most of the conversation with Brad, Matt, Dylan and Pete was steeped in sarcasm—and not to mention, they are just pretty hilarious dudes—we ran over the average 15 minute sit-down. Oberhofer is a band that you don’t want to miss in Austin and if you see them around, you should probably buy them a beer and some ice cream.

So how did you guys meet?

Pete: We were actually enemies, we hated each other.
Matt: We were frenemies really—you know, you respect your enemies.
Brad: We agreed to stop the fight, and thus a band was born.

What are you guys most excited to do while in Austin?

Brad: I’d like to see some nice abs, actually. I do 8 minutes of abs at least three days a week, so when I go to a new city I like to see that the people are taking care of their bodies as well as I do.
Matt: Oh I mean, I’m just really into lips, which is actually why [Brad] and I became friends.
Pete: I really like firm handshakes. You know, some solid shakes.
Brad: Sometimes I like to shake peoples’ hand and say ‘Silly Brad, nice to meet you,’ with a lot of masculine umph but with a really effeminate voice.
Dylan: I need to buy some brown cowboy boots.

Right now you are studying Music Composition at NYU, do you find that classical or orchestral music influences the music that you write for Oberhofer and vice versa?

Brad: Definitely. Both of them are focused on simple one-line melodies, both in orchestral and in my pop music. Pop music is easily accessible, and orchestral music is definitely less accessible. I’ve definitely written melodies for pop songs that turn into orchestral arrangements.

You guys drove to Texas from Brooklyn, how was that?

Matt: We got a bike rack the day we left, so we were all able to bring our bikes.
Brad: We drove through a Wendy’s once.
Pete: We went through Savannah and Charlotte. We had one show in Savannah, and were just driving. We spent the night in our automobile.
Brad: We had a hell of a time in Savannah, we played a festival there. I loved Savannah so much. I went on a beautiful bike ride—Spanish moss everywhere.
Matt: It’s gorgeous there, really.

So what do you guys think about Austin as opposed to New York?

Brad: Austin is sort of like, ‘Hi, I’m eccentric. Nice to meet you.’ And Brooklyn is like, ‘I’m different than you, fuck off.’
Matt: Brooklyn is ‘I’m way different than you’ll ever be,’ and Austin is ‘Be different like me.’ Austin is so inviting, so warm and friendly.

If Oberhofer made us a mixtape what would be on it?

Matt: ‘Helicopter,’ Deerhunter
Brad: ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun,’ Cyndi Lauper
Pete: ‘Stand by Me,’ Ben E. King
Dylan: ‘Shining Star,’ Earth Wind and Fire

Annick Mayer

Arcade Players, don’t miss out on these Oberhofer appearances during SXSW:

03.18 – Brooklyn Vegan Day Party @ Barbarella, 4pm
Noisey.com Official Showcase @ Kiss & Fly, 4pm

03.19 – Urban Outfitters Backlot Performance @ Urban Outfitters, 4pm