Myriad of Now // Hawthorne Headhunters // Download

Play Myriad of Now // Hawthorne Headhunters // Download

How did such a luxury fall into our laps? Well, it all started when St. Louis musician Black Spade headed west and collided with producer Proh Mic at the famous Do-Over parties, and a collabo was born. At once ethereal and earthy, the collection of tracks on Hawthorne Headhunters‘ brand-new EP have notes of funk, R&B, jazz and blues all rendered with a touch of post-millennial tension for good measure. Download the track “If You Were My Baby” and to stream the full EP, head over to their Soundcloud. Drink up, Players!

NYC, catch Hawthorne Headhunters tonight at NDG Wellness Studio, when they share the stage with Peter Hadar.