LIVE // Mozart’s Sister // Arcade ORIGINAL

It all began with a tweet from Grimes, “mozart’s sister is so fucking good ohhh fuck”.

Yep – it kind of said it all.  I was intrigued.

Fast forward to the first listen of the EP and I knew exactly what she was talking about.  The beats were innovative and fun, the voice was undeniable – they could sing.  And I didn’t give the EP just one listen – I gave it … a lot of listens.  Surprised when I heard they were unsigned.  What?!

Then we met – no idea what to expect.  They were everything I hoped she would be, pure joy and full of life.   There were no big crews or instruments.  We had a car, a street in Brooklyn and their voices.  It turns out it was all we needed.  But I don’t want to say too much, I want you to see for yourself.   Just press play.

You’re going to be hearing A LOT from Mozart’s Sister, be thankful.