It’s Not the Drinking // Lauren Pritchard

Lauren Pritchard has taken the long road to get back to Jackson. The songstress left her native Tennessee at only 15 to pursue music in LA. She took a rather lucky detour when she was cast in the musical Spring Awakening and eventually landed in London, where she teamed with songwriter Eg White (known for his work with Duffy and Adele) to create Wasted in Jackson. The sophisticated, soulful album is a perfect response to everyone she met along the way who wanted to peg her as just another pretty girl.

Having just come off a string of European tour dates with Jamie Cullum, Lauren heads stateside as she gears up for a performance on Conan, December 6. She took a moment to share with the Arcade her inspiration for her first video “It’s Not the Drinking.”

What was your inspiration for the video?

I wanted to capture what I was going through at the time when I wrote the song. I was just getting out of a bad break-up and I wanted to find a way to create the highs and lows of it. The dancing represented the highs, the somber moments were the lows, and then the baptism at the end was important as well because I wanted it to signify the end of the relationship – the starting over period.

Tell us about your experience of shooting the clip.

It was a blast. Wendy Morgan, the director, is such a pleasure to work with and she brings her A game to the set. She is all business, which I love. You’re working non-stop all day, but also having a great time because she’s so lovely. The dancers were amazing! The choreographer, Aakomon Jones, was ace. Got me back in rhythm. I had a great time creating this video because I felt we ultimately captured the essence of the song and I walked away from it feeling really excited!

You’re from Jackson, but recorded in LA and London. How did those three different places influence your debut album?

I think Wasted In Jackson has a variety of sounds. I think because of all the different places I’ve lived in and all of the different kinds of music I was constantly hearing and listening to, they have crept into the music and the songs.