If I Had a Heart // Fever Ray + Andreas Nilsson

When we first saw this stunning, creepy video for Fever Ray’s “If I Had a Heart”, we just couldn’t shake it. Perhaps it’s because he started out as a fine artist, but director Andreas Nilsson creates some of the most gloriously off-kilter music videos we’ve ever seen. The Malmö, Sweden-based director works closely with friends Peter, Bjorn, and John (“Nothing to Worry About” features preening, fighting, dancing Yakuza), Röyksopp (“This Must Be It”—post-apocalyptic nudists. And it ain’t pretty) and Fever Ray to create worlds within their clips.

Fever Ray’s Karin Dreijer first convinced him to make the leap to video when she asked him to create a clip for her band The Knife. “I think Karin and I have been developing our artistic language on a parallel pace,” says Nilsson, who recently collaborated with the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm on a video-theater piece. “I’m moving more and more towards a theatrical language, and love to work with performance and stage. To be able to work with full concepts like the one for Fever Ray where you design the live show, the wardrobe and the videos, is rare. It’s a joy to have a collaboration with an artist in that way.”