Fade Awake // DJ Center

DJ Center is all-world, literally. The Romanian-born beatsmith came up in NYC’s golden era of hip hop, while he was mentored by a jazz musician. Today, his soulful mixes are undercut with global elements as well as bebop, though at heart it’s all designed to keep booties shaking on the dance floor. His brand-new release Everything in Time marks Center’s debut as a producer. Like all great things, it’s worth waiting for, but we’ve got a handful for some of our lucky readers (see GIVEAWAY details, below)!

How do you describe your sound?

Soulful Roots. Real soulful music you can feel that BUMPS!

What made you want to make music your life?

At an early age, I noticed the relationship between music and people’s emotions and feelings. As a DJ, we are in control of those things in the room, taking people on a ride while in the mix. Noticing that relationship was too powerful—by age thirteen, I knew!

What’s got you excited about music right now?

At the moment I love the global possibilities of the Internet. We are no longer limited to the music and artists from within our local areas—the landscape is wide open and because of that, I think there’s some great music being made. You just have to sift through the 99% of the bad stuff that also ends up in your inbox or on the blogs.


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