Eyes On You // Pandr Eyez // Music Video

We caught up with Tom and Ferren of Pandr Eyez over a Sunday night Skype date. We talked guilty pleasures and blogs, while the two took a moment to relax after a long weekend. “The truth is, we will secretly be watching X-Factor,” admits Ferren. “I say just embrace it and do it 100% percent,” she giggles, “It’s just one of those guilty pleasures.” Besides catching up on reality TV, Pandr Eyez have been quite busy with their music. Ferren, originally from the US, moved to London two years ago for school – where she met Tom.  “We met doing a course in University,” explains Tom. “We started jamming one night at a friend’s house after a night out. Everyone was a bit drunk and Fern cracked out a crappy keyboard and staring playing. I picked up a guitar and that’s how it all began.” The rest is history.

“We try to make sure that each song is not too much of any one thing,” Ferren tells us. “For example with ‘Eyes on You’ there was a total R&B feel to it, so when we went to record the track we wanted to bring it a little bit away from that and not be too comfortable sitting in one genre.” Since releasing the video for “Eyes On You,” Pandr Eyez has been getting a ton of blog love. But with excitement, there is always some anxiety, “You do these things in isolation and you never know who is going to like it,” says Ferren. “You know we listen to this stuff a lot and we get quite used to it, so it’s really positive to see that people are into it.” Tom adds, “Yeah, it’s a bit weird. We made that and we had no idea if they would even like the song. So it was really good to get a positive response.“

The video, directed by Georgia Hudson, is simply striking. “We came to [Georgia] with a loose feeling and color palette and she turned it into a solid idea,” Ferren cheerfully explains. “She obviously brought her own style to it, with the fast cuts and the atmosphere. The fruit was her idea,” says Tom. “We showed up that day,” Ferren chimes in, “and she’s like, ‘ok guys just trust me, we are going to do some stuff with fruit.’ We were like ok….” Laughing, Tom recollects, “yeah that was fun.”

What does 2012 have in store for Pandr Eyez? “World domination,” jokes Ferren. “New headphones,” adds Tom before getting real. “No, but seriously… touring and a full-length. Definitely new material. Making music and playing music.”

- Annick Mayer