Doo Wah // Kids These Days

Arcaders, we’ve seen the future, and it’s an intrepid crew of teenagers from Chicago who call themselves Kids These Days. Don’t believe us? Just have a listen to “Doo Wah,” the inspired new clip the Kids created with a bit of imagination and DIY daring. Singer Macie Stewart took a moment from their red-hot touring schedule to share some of the secrets behind the clip, and what’s to come for the band in 2013. Listen up—these Kids are not to play with.

The band has had an incredible year since we caught up with you at SXSW. What has been the highlight for you?

Coming back home this November and having a sold-out show at The Vic Theatre was pretty amazing. We haven’t had a big home show in a while so it was great to really come back to our roots and play where we started. Actually the whole tour overall with Asher Roth was an amazing time as well.

What does the concept for the video mean to you?

Well, [rapper] Vic [Mensa] had the initial vision of us as very tiny people walking around a regular-sized house. Vic, Austin [Vesely] and I got together a couple nights at Austin’s apartment to brainstorm and we came up with different scenes that would depict our life in the basement. Austin was joking and suggested we burn the village down in the end, and that ended up being what we went with. I think the video represents a lot of things. For one, we borrowed the piano riff from the song “Where is My Mind?” by The Pixies and I think that by making us small and pixie-sized that was kind of an homage to them in a visual sense. A lot of the song (to me) is about not wanting to leave where you are, and being stuck in the past and sort of ignoring the future. In the video we didn’t want to leave our small paper town, but since it burned down we were forced to look ahead and realize how small we really are.

Tell us about the experience of filming the video for “Doo Wah”. Any surprises from set you can share with our viewers?

It was the most fun I’ve had doing a video. We all went over to Liam [Cunningham]’s house and built the entire little village with glue guns and cards and cardboard boxes. Everyone was super in to it, especially Vic—it was really funny. It took us a whole day to get everything set up and then we just filmed the sets so we could input the green screen later. Liam built a wooden box to stand and lean on and we painted it green along with a bicycle stand for the scene where Vic is riding. We set everything up in the green screen room and filmed our scenes in one day. Super easy for us, but Austin spent days and days editing all of the film. He’s a beast. I think it was actually his first time with green screen.

What’s coming up for the band in 2013?

Hopefully we’ll start recording a new EP and tour!

—Angela Cravens