Devils Hearts Grow Gold // La Sera

From playing bass in Vivian Girls to writing music for her own project La Sera, Katy Goodman definitely holds it down for women in indie music. Not to mention, she is genuinely an awesome musician. Arcade44 got the chance to talk to Katy amidst the sea of SXSW shows and parties, where La Sera will be playing six shows throughout the week. If you are in Austin this week, La Sera is a band that you don’t want to miss.

Tell us a little bit about La Sera—how did it come together as a new project for you?

It kind of came about by accident…a year ago, I decided to buy a guitar and try writing songs on my own for the first time.  I made a bunch of demos, and emailed them to my old friend Brady Hall to hear his opinion on them.  He really liked the songs and asked if he could re-record the songs in his home studio, I said of course, and then a month or two later I flew to Seattle and finished the vocals/mixing. It was definitely a strange way to make an album, but I think the process worked really well.

How does writing music as La Sera differ for you, as opposed to making music in a band like Vivian Girls?

Making music as La Sera is completely different for me than writing in Vivian Girls.  In Vivian Girls, I mostly write bass lines, harmonies and help with some song structures, so I’m helping out songs that already exist.  In La Sera, I write everything from scratch, so it’s a lot more personal.  However, I really like the writing process for both bands, so it’s nice to have both outlets.

What was your inspiration when writing the song “Devils Hearts Grow Gold?”

I’m not sure—I didn’t really have anything specific in mind.  I think I wanted to write a song that sounded like a lullaby.  But how a song usually ends up is a lot different than how it starts out.

Where did the idea come from to have Har Mar Superstar play the devil in the music video? You guys must have had a blast.

Vice Cooler, the director, came up with the cast and concept.  It was really fun to shoot, and the “party scene” when our friend Preston was “DJing” was rather hilarious to film.

If we found a mix of yours from high school, what would be on it?

Probably Minor Threat, the Beatles, Weezer, Ozma, Modern Lovers and the Germs.  It would be a weird mix.

What are you most excited to do while you are in Austin during SXSW?

My favorite part of SXSW is just watching my friends’ bands play and getting to see friends from all over in one place.

Annick Mayer

Arcade Players in Austin, check out La Sera at any of these shows:

03.16 – Next Stage @ Convention Center acoustic set, 4pm
03.17 – Hardly Art Fag Party @ Shangri-La, 5:15pm
03.18 – Ground Control @ Urban Outfitters, 12pm
03.18 – Waterloo In-store, 3pm
03.18 – Sub Pop / Hardly Art Showcase @ Red 7 – 1:15am