Symphonies // Dan Black + Kid Cudi

Sure, we’re suckers for anything with a Donnie Darko reference at A44 HQ, but still, we dare anyone not to give the Dan Black and Kid Cudi “Symphonies” clip a couple replays. “I do all my visuals, artwork, and videos with great friends of mine in Paris called Chic & Artistic,” says Black. “I think they came up with the idea of me walking through the opening titles of classic films, and then we sat down and talked through all the different genres we wanted to try to emulate.”

The result is a clever trip through some of the most stylish films in recent history, casting Black and Cudi in the lead roles. It’s a whip-smart video for a collabo that Black describes as remarkably laidback. “Someone played him a few of my tracks. He liked them, got in contact with me saying he wanted to do something on ‘Symphonies’. I emailed him the files. Next day he sent back a vocal. I loved it. Job done!”