Criticize // Maxxi Soundsystem

Play Criticize // Maxxi Soundsystem

“I’m fed up ’cause all you wanna do is criticize” – Alexander O’Neal


I THINK I was old enough to NOT carry my favorite teddy bear around with me everywhere when this song was released.  I think.  The grooves laid out by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in the mid-eighties, r&b classics.  I would say the legendary producers were at the height of their powers when they teamed up with Alexander O’Neal on this one, but tell that to any Jam and Lewis fan and they may cut you.  There were decades of amazing Jam and Lewis tracks to come.

But I digress…sigh…oh the good old days

You were all brought here to enjoy the delicious new remix to Alexander O’Neal’s “Criticize”.  The original is no exception to the genius of Jam and Lewis.  BUT in the hands of Maxxi Soundsystem I must say he does a damn good job at keeping the groove alive in a 2012/13 world.

You’ve got to hear it to believe it.  Check it out…