Breaking // Cyril Hahn & Javeon

Hahn teams up with Bristol-based singer/songwriter Javeon on “Breaking,” a track that first surfaced online earlier this summer. “Javeon sent me over some amazing stripped down vocals. It was just his voice and some guitar and had a much more melancholic vibe to it,” says Hahn, “He asked me if I wanted to have a go at it to turn it into a full song so I gave it a try.” Slow-grooving but dancefloor-ready, “Breaking” is the perfect balance of Hahn’s production and Javeon’s vocals, a track so well-loved by the former that he decided to include it on┬áVoices, set for official release in the coming months.

Directed by Joe Alexander and styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois, the video’s aesthetic is inspired by the Rudeboy movement, a subculture that dates back to the early 70s.