Born to Fly // Beca

New York singer/songwriter Beca writes pop the way it was meant to be: atmospheric, addictive, and with more than a hint of sex appeal. We’ve had our eye on the electro-pop chanteuse for a minute, but 2013 is shaping up to be her year. With a new EP dropping next week including remixes by Madeaux, Snorlax, and Morgan Wiley, we’re expecting lots of beautiful noise from Beca’s camp. In the meantime, we got the secrets behind the shoot for her latest single “Born to Fly.” One thing is for sure—the girl is just too, too fly.

Tell us about the video production of Born to Fly. What was the day like?

The video for “Born To Fly” is a visual representation of the song, which is about creating the life you want and feeling completely unstoppable. I came up with the idea of living out this dreamlike summer fantasy and further developed the story as I collaborated with director Aksel Stasny. We shot at some pretty incredible places in Long Island, including the oldest cattle ranch in the USA and a beach that we had completely to ourselves. The video culminates with a nighttime scene in my drummer’s pool with Miami-style lights and disco balls in the water. It was a perfect hot summer day and I got to work with the best creative team ever. The stylist Jessica Zamora-Turner hand-embroidered that amazing corset I wore just for the shoot—it was that kind of energy throughout the entire process. We all had a blast, despite everyone getting sunburned during the beach scene!

Who were your collaborators on “Born to Fly”?

Midnight Magic’s Morgan Wiley co-wrote and produced the song with me. Jim Orso (Holy Ghost! and Hot Chip’s touring drummer) played live congas and percussion.

What’s got you excited about music right now?

So much! I’m excited about this artist my sister took me to see during CMJ called Le1f. Really feeling the band Something In Spanish who just played at my EP Release party on Tuesday, Azealia BanksSoso, and Die Antwoord. There’s also some really innovative things happening in the visual world from artists like Holly Daggers and Audio Visual Algebra. I’d like to start getting into that soon.

What’s coming up for you in 2013?

I can’t really say just quite yet! There will definitely be more music and more shows. Right now I’m in the recording studio working on new material with producer Morgan Wiley and drummer Xack Xweig.

Beca’s Born To Fly EP drops on November 20th via UK label This Is Music Ltd. You can stream it now right here.