What Do You Think About the M.I.A. Doc?

There has been a buzz lately about M.I.A.  The Sri Lankan born/London raised rapper has a new album on its way, and a single and video have already been dropped.  M.I.A.’s first two albums were released to critical and popular acclaim, but her latest  (including the controversial video for ‘Born Free’, which featured a genocide of gingers) had a more mixed reception.  A book featuring MIA’s art (Complex Magazine headline: ‘M.I.A.’s New Book Documents Her Greatest Work of Art: Herself’) is also out.

Today, M.I.A. took to the internet again to promote the eventual release of a documentary about her life.  The 5-minute trailer for the film (below) features M.I.A. talking about her father as a ‘terrorist’, and discussing her journey in music and life.  Apparently, the powers that be are ‘blacklisting’ the movie, so M.I.A. and the film’s director Steve Loveridge are imploring fans to get things rolling.  What do you think?  Does it all feel like a commercial for the ultimate release of her album?  Is it odd to hear M.I.A. flippantly call her father a ‘terrorist’ after her first album was dedicated to his political ideals (the title ‘Arular’ was her father’s political code name in the Tamil Tigers)?  Are we skeptical that a multimillionaire rap artist who just happens to be married to a billionaire would say that she needs to take to Kickstarter to fund the release of this film?  Are you beasting to see the movie, or could you care less?

-Joe S. Osmundson