BULLSH*T // Real J Wallace + Antonina Clarke

“My road is long and windy because I’m interested in everything,” explains artist/animator Antonina Clarke. We tracked down the inimitable Ms. Clarke after glimpsing her fantastic collage-style animation in collaboration with California MC Real J Wallace for his “Bullshit” clip. An illuminating interpretation of the lyrics, questioning religion and self-determination, all wrapped up in the daily bullshit, the video plays off Clarke’s varied background as a painter and textile-designer. It’s as good a place as any to escape, but for more on the creator—read on, Arcaders.

How did you dream up the video concept?

Honestly, I think that’s the most interesting part of the video. We live on opposite sides of the country and haven’t met. Real J Wallace caught me on a blog and asked me if I liked the album. I was impressed and agreed to animate the second song. I asked him to send me a package with related objects so I could get the message better. All we had was a few e-mails, texted photos and that package. Oh, and he asked if he could be on a planet with multiple moons. The rest is my heavily stylized interpretation of the lyrics.

How does your home inspire you?

Good question. I’m currently leaving my home of three years, Baltimore, in search of a more nomadic existence. I’m from Colorado and miss the mountains, but really I want to roam. I’m gonna be travelling and bumming around for the next year because I like flying by the seat of my pants. Plus I think its important to do that while you’re still young enough to sleep in hammocks and floors and not give a shit. I can make my art anywhere, but I’m not inspired everywhere… that’s why I’m leaving.

What do you hope fans discover about your work from the video?

I have no idea—just be transported somewhere in their minds for two minutes. That anything is possible, everything is related, and the ripples we cause in other people’s lives are the most beautiful thing we can look back on.

Was this the first time you collaborated with musicians?

No. [It’s my] first music video, but I’ve collaborated with dance collectives before, making costumes, music and performances. Like I said, I’m interested in everything.

What are you looking forward to for autumn?

Seeing my mountains for a few months before I go south of the border, and making more animations and clothes. I’m also starting a clothing label called Pupil. Keep a look out….

—Angela Cravens