Tattoo You // Nick Doyle

“I’m looking for situations where I can not only think differently, but live differently,” explained artist Nick Doyle when the Arcade visited him recently. It was the eve of the closing of Alchemy, a recent exhibition at 7Eleven Gallery in NYC, and we took a spin through the group collection that included Doyle’s large-scale installation “Smoke and Mirrors,” offering a Godzilla-esque thrill for visitors who are allowed to manipulate the work, stimulating a volcano eruption over a city. Doyle has also been experimenting with tattooing, which he creates in the style of Russian prison tattoos. Doyle’s friend Borden Capalino patiently allowed the Arcade to capture the process as Doyle created a new work. Alchemy—as 7Eleven described it in exhibition materials—is a “philosophy applied to the world, to the elements, and to man himself,” which seems perfectly illustrative of Doyle’s interpretation. That which lasts and that which falls to dust—it’s all part of the experiences created by the LA-born artist making his mark in New York.

Up next for Doyle is Tom Sachs’ Space Program at the Park Avenue Armory in May. 7Eleven Gallery is between exhibitions, but stop by the gift shop for unique jewelry, books and original works of art.

—Angela Cravens