Portrait of Ryan Cronin // Adam Weiss

Some of our favorite projects here in the Arcade begin simply as a conversation between two artists. This is exactly what grabbed us about this portrait of New York artist Ryan Cronin. Authentic and yet sensitive, it shines a light on an artist dedicated to living a creative life on his own terms. Directed by Adam Weiss, a still photographer who recently began experimenting with motion pictures, the film is the product of a dialogue lived over the course of a few months.

“I’m drawn to his sense of humor, his style of painting and the way that he elaborates on things that he’s thinking about,” explains Weiss. “Ryan picks up on things that most of us might never think twice about. There’s a sense of honesty in his work and it genuinely reflects who he is.” Weiss shot Cronin on his home turf, in the countryside outside of NYC, and followed him to his show at this year’s Art Basel Miami.

While he was painting, I stayed out of his way,” explains Weiss of a shoot he describes as “super casual.” He elaborates, “I tried to capture the way he moved around the room. The visual rhythm and feel of his process the dance he does while making a piece.” As an artist himself, it was not difficult for Weiss to understand his subject. “From the outset I wanted to create a piece that speaks to who Ryan is, [similar to] the way that his paintings are commentary on the world that he sees. I am not a documentarian, I wanted to be creative and explore my take on Ryan, to apply my veneer as Director and Cinematographer to a moment in his life. It was a personal process between two artists.”

—Angela Cravens