The Alchemist // Shantell Martin

I have always thought that you don’t really know some one until you have seen their home.  Drinks at a bar, dinners out, can lead to great conversation, but there is no replacing a cup of tea and real talk, peeking into some one’s bookshelf, getting to know a bit of the secrets of their day-to-day routine.  All this is amplified when the home in question in also a workspace, where art is created, taken apart, made again.

We recently had the opportunity to visit up-and-coming artist Shantell Martin in her Brooklyn home/studio.  Followers of Arcade may already be familiar with Shantell’s work, but seeing her at home and at work allows for an inside look into her process, and an intimate view of her work that is impossible to read on finished canvas – or wall.  Beyond being an artist with something remarkable to say, Shantell was welcoming and warm and Arcade appreciates this view from the other side of the canvas.  She’s shared her work, her art, and has seemingly cast a spell around the globe – but there’s no place like home.