Complaints : Power of Design

Complaint is provoked by … well … all things.  No system in the world is perfect, and even when we do live in the “best country” on earth – we’ll still find something to complain about.

The Arcade was fortunate to attend the Wolfsonian’s incredible conference around complaints, specifically the power in complaining.  It turns out complaining is best when it has a point beyond venting.  Complaining can be purposeful and social.  It can bring our focus to those things that really do need change, need renewal.   It was truly a powerful conference with luminaries including Kurt Andersen, best selling novelist, cultural historian, and public radio host.  We got the opportunity to sit, listen and think about how complaints can change our world.

So why do we complain?  Complaining fuels positive change.

Now on display at The Wolfsonian is an exhibit called “Complaints! An Inalienable Right,” featureing posters from graphic designers, showcasing common complaints in the form of art. “BUMMER”, curated by Todd Oldham, is also on display which showcases a collection of human documents to show how a complaint can drive artistic creation