A Young Couple // Barry Jenkins

Remind us to invite Barry Jenkins to our next bday bash. He comes up with the best gifts.

When the San Francisco filmmaker was invited to a friend’s 30th last year, she asked that all guests make, rather than buy, their gifts. Having recently come off the release of his moving, meditative feature Medicine for Melancholy, Jenkins went back to the subject matter he thrives on: post-millennial matters of the heart. With DP James Laxton and photographer David Bornfriend, he spent the day with his friends Jenny and John, and emerged with this intimate clip.

“I sometimes feel this is my favorite thing of all the projects I’ve done, short or otherwise,” says Jenkins. “It happened so randomly. The whole process of making it was very pure and that purity somehow made it through to the finished short.”

Though it’s a sweet little film, AYC has still managed to inspire debate, both among viewers and the filmmaker himself. “The one thing people come back to is the meaning of what Jenny says at the very end of the film,” says Jenkins. “I ask her (as a joke) if she really loves John and her response can be interpreted two very different ways. It’s something I felt one way about right after finishing the film and after watching it over the months I’ve since come around to the alternative.”