A Dedication // Washed Out

It was almost a year ago that I sat down with Yoonha Park to talk about his video for Washed Out’s “Amor Fati.” Park had just returned from the epic Icelandic shoot and had plenty of stories to tell. It was obvious then that this was a director to keep an eye on. Aside from talent, Park is just a cool dude, so each time we catch up I know he is going to have something rad to share. Enter his new collaboration with Washed Out, on the track “A Dedication.” The video as Park explains, “features Ernest [Washed Out] and his wife Blair at a lake house in rural Georgia.” This house also happens to be “where he recorded the bulk of Within and Without,” says Park. Although a few blogs have referred to Blair as Ernest Greene’s “female friend,” Park sets the record straight and jokes, “he’s taken, ladies.” In addition to acting alongside his wife, this video brought a few more new experience for Ernest Greene. “The main difference,” says Park, “was that he was in [the video.] I think it’s the first video they’ve been in that wasn’t a ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour film or live session taping.” When I asked how Park thinks Greene did in front of the camera he exclaimed, “great! Most of it was them ‘re-enacting’ stuff they’d done two years prior. That might have been strange for them,” Park rationalizes, but “I can’t say.”

Moving on I mention to Park that I have noticed one or two cat cameos in other videos of his, to which he responds, “It’s the internet. You gotta have a cat. I think we all know how this works.”

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- Annick